International Representation

International Representation for Global Brands & Companies

As more and more companies start to enter the Australian market, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that when entering this market, your business has a good understanding of the trends, practices and day-to-day events that are affecting it. Not only is it difficult to manage a local Australian operation from afar, it is also difficult to know what does and does not work in a market that you are not operating in on a day-to-day basis.

International Representation

Bugg Marketing Solutions is a local Australian company that offers consultancy services in the areas of marketing and licensing, which we offer in the area of international representation. Our services in the area of international representation are based on our experience in marketing and licensing, and position us well to represent global businesses here in the local Australian market. Whether your business needs a local presence here in Australia, or you would simply like advice on entering the Australian market, our international representation services and skills include:

  • Sourcing International Contacts
  • Locating an Agent for your Business
  • Large Data Base Management
  • Local Market Knowledge
  • Global Market Knowledge

Because we operate on an hourly rate and are always studying the local Australian market, we can offer sound international representation advice and services. If you are looking to enter or learn more about the Australian market, or your company requires representation in this market, please get in contact with us to learn more about how we can help.

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