Licensing Procurement

We a specialist marketing consultancy company who specialize in licensing on many levels, including licensing procurement. Because licensing is such a diverse industry and choosing the right license for the right product is essential to both its short and long term success, it is important for anybody wanting to get into licensing to ensure that they are well prepared prior to signing any new licenses. Not only is having the right license for the right product important, having the right license for the right region is also very important. Bugg Marketing Solutions have been working in licensing for over 30 years and are positioned well to provide advice on licensing procurement to businesses wanting to get involved in licensing, or expand on their current licensing portfolio.


If you and your business are looking to get into licensing, expand on your current licensing portfolio or even get into a new segment of the licensing industry, Bugg Marketing Solutions can provide the consultancy services you require in the area of licensing procurement. We take pride in the list of both local and global contacts we have made over the years that we have been operating in the licensing industry, and believe we are well respected as a result of the knowledge we have acquired over these years. We also take pride in providing consultancy services to businesses that are interested in licensing in general, and licensing in specific areas. The areas that we can assist you and you business in respect to licensing include:

  • Negotiating a Licensing Deal
  • Securing a License
  • Understanding the Licensing Industry

If you’re in the process of signing a new license, getting into the licensing industry, or looking to grow your licensing portfolio, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you and your business in the area of licensing procurement.