Marketing Solutions

Bugg Marketing Solutions are a specialist marketing company and our experience in the field allows us to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to our clients. There are many facets to developing a marketing solution for your business that include overall strategy, online marketing, product marketing, advertising, branding and merchandising. We have been in and around the licensing industry for many years, which has provided us with a sound grounding in marketing and more specifically the ability to develop great marketing solutions for small business.


If you want to start a new marketing program, or develop an existing program, we would love to hear from you and discuss a marketing solution to suit your business. Some of the areas that we can work with you on in relation to marketing solutions include:

  • Writing of Marketing Plans
  • Solutions to Merchandising Problems
  • Think Tank
  • Sourcing Case Studies

The idea that we work on a number of different areas under the banner of ‘marketing solution’, comes from the need to approach a marketing solution from many different perspectives to ensure its overall success. There is no point in investing a huge amount of money to develop a product that you market via print advertising, only to realise later that your main customer base use the web to search for your product. This is why developing a marketing solution that includes a wide range of different approaches to marketing your product or service is important.

If you need advice or guidance on the marketing element of your business, we invite you to contact us and learn more about how we can help you to develop a marketing solution for your business.