Marketing and Consulting

Bugg Marketing Solutions currently consult for a number of different clients in a range of different areas. The services that we offer each client are tailored to the client and are specifically for each individual client, which is important. We have worked with a range of clients and are always interested in working with new businesses as well as those already established. Some of the services that we have offered our clients in the past and still offer now are below.

Current Marketing Roles

Easy Signs

Consultancy role with a focus on developing a new licensing program within the Easy Signs business

Fan Emblems

Consulting role with a focus on growing the licensing program for the Fan Emblems business

Interlease Company

On-going management of the email marketing and web program for Interlease Company in Melbourne

Rubies Deerfield

On-going consultancy work for Rubie’s Deerfield in Australia & New Zealand

Current Clients

Past Marketing Roles

Ambience Entertainment

Developing licensing programs for the Ambience Entertainment brands

Aspiria Australia

Working for Aspiria Australia to source licenses to sell to Australian retailers

Bensons Trading

Re-establishing the credentials of Bensons Trading with the key licensors within the carnival business category and re-focusing the Bensons Trading licensing portfolio to achieve market leadership

Coca Cola Japan

Engaged to develop and present an Australian & New Zealand Market Analysis for Coca Cola Japan


Successfully securing and re-directing the Deerfield business in the costume category


Consultancy role with a focus on developing a new licensing program within the iPersonalised business

Licensing Essentials

Consultancy position with a focus on developing the licensing program and new business development for Licensing Essentials

Metro Quarry Group

Management of the web program for Metro Quarry Group in Melbourne

MJM Australia Imports

Developing a market leading Licensing portfolio in the children’s games and puzzle category, successfully re-focusing and implementing sustainable growth strategies with Crown Products and web development work

Piping Hot

Consultancy role with a focus on developing Piping Hot in the international market

Rubies Masquerade

Successfully establishing the Rubies Masquerade costuming business in the local market here in Australia


Consultancy role with a focus on developing a licensed personal care program for Tomfoolery

Dependable Solutions

Development and sales for the Dependable Solutions licensing software system in the Australian market

Past Clients