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Bugg Marketing Solutions were engaged as a specialist consultant to source brands and develop a new strategic direction for MJM Australia Imports. Our professional services model enabled MJM to gain access to our experience and contact network at a fraction of the cost for a full time Licensing Director.

MJM are a Melbourne based specialist games, puzzle and stationery vendor with distribution into the mass market, here locally in Australia. Bugg Marketing Solutions were able to work with MJM to establish a medium to long term plan which would provide increasing revenue streams.

This program was driven by assembling a brand portfolio that positioned them as a market leader in these categories.

Key takeaway from this Case Study

Using Bugg Marketing Solutions’ services, MJM were able to leverage their position in the market based on a sound distribution model combined with a fantastic brand portfolio. Over time MJM were able to secure rights to brands including Toy Story, Disney Princess, Spiderman, Thomas & Friends, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and many more!

The New MJM Australia Direction

MJM are now in a position where they are recognised as an innovator in the games and puzzles category. They are generally offered first right of refusal for leading brands in their field.

This very special case study for Bugg Marketing Solutions and is testimony to the fact that if you take the time to develop a plan (with all the correct ingredients) and then put that plan into practice, it will rarely fail if you keep your eye on the ball. The other important factor to remember in this case study is that Rome was not built in a day. This is also very true for the Consumer Products business.

What Did We Learn?

  • Create a sound business plan
  • Implement the plan strategically
  • Focus on maintaining the plan
  • Introduce incremental additions and updates

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